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Dandelion seeds in the sunlight blowing

Curiosity Inspires Change

Driving action through compelling communications.

“Why?” is one of the first questions we ask as children trying to understand the world we live in. We want to understand, are awestruck by cause and effect, and are at our most curious. Something as simple as blowing on a dandelion to watch the seeds fly in the breeze brings joy and wonder…

That curiosity is what powers Curioso Communications. It is the key ingredient to innovation, creation and learning. It inspires pioneers to find unique solutions to a myriad of challenges and obstacles, drives businesses to create and consider future possibilities, and motivates customers into action to try something new. 

For Curioso, curiosity is the catalyst that ignites communications with impact.

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Jessica C. Lamb Financial Advisor


Co-Founder of Maven Strategies

Kerry has been an incredible thought partner to our firm. While we were all-consumed with doing our clients' work, she forced us to focus on our own communication needs and strategy. Kerry successfully captured our story and strengths and put them into words. We are grateful for her encouragement and steady guidance.


Jessica C. Lamb Financial Advisor

Curioso did the entire refresh of my brand. Hiring an expert to take what I don’t do and make it easy was priceless! I knew that my brand needed a refresh to reflect my work I am doing and who the work is for. I had no idea how to communicate the new focus. Kerry and her team made this so easy and efficient. I was able to continue working with my clients and focus on business growth. Curioso handled everything and included me when it was time to make decisions. I was impressed with their work and the beautiful end result.


Urban Air Adventure Park - Raleigh

Kerry has been a phenomenal strategic marketing partner for our company.  Her creative ideas and passion to see our grand opening succeed were conveyed thru every step of the process. Her ability to capture the true vision of our company was top notch. We are so thankful for her knowledge and guidance! 


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